The Everything Project

Our Mission

The Everything Project was founded to implement essential programs, humanitarian aid, and development on the Isle Idjwi for vulnerable and at risk people. For a greater Lac Kivu.

Beginning with our networks in Mweso, Minova, as well as clients and children who are dependent upon Don Bosco and JVA around Goma. With them we will begin working towards programs on Idjwi. 

Programs on Idjwi will include, schools, farms, infrastructure and development for quality of life. Until funding is in place for major programs we intend to continue to do what we can for the vulnerable individuals and their needs while networking with other organizations and potential aid for them.

Our Project Gallery

The Seeds Of Sustainability
The Tools of prosperity


School, healthcare, and food security are expenses that no one should be denied because they cannot pay. Many students need support with supplies, fees, and curriculum.


Digital farming techniques and international support can be utilized for highest potential yield and greatest food security.


With the implementation of programs we will work to augment existing infrastructure – energy, communications, community centers (Big Houses), transportation, wells, and plumbing.

Quality Life

Simple but substantial development for the future. Enhancing the lives of The Everything Project while also changing the socio-economic dynamic of their communities and generating prosperity throughout the region.

Crayon Drive

The Everything Project has begun a Crayon drive.

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